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Michelle Malkin · July 10, 2004 09:32 AM

My old hometown of Seattle--the Berkeley of the Pacific Northwest--just can't stop showing its contempt for America.Take a look at this disgraceful incident on Bainbridge Island, a few miles west of Seattle proper (and the future home of Hollywood liberals Brad Pitt and Jennifer Anniston).

One of the participants in Bainbridge Island's annual Independence Day parade was Jason Gilson, a 23-year-old military veteran who was injured in the line of duty in Iraq. He wore his war medals and carried a sign indicating his support for President Bush--heresy on liberal Bainbridge Island. Upon seeing Gilson and his sign, the crowd booed and called him names including "murderer" and, yes, "baby killer."

One has to wonder what the mood was on the parade route. Calling a veteran a "murderer" and "baby killer" is a direct throwback to the halcyon days of hippidom in the 60s and 70s. My guess is the bulk of Bainbridge Isl. residents are California ex-pats and aging hippies. They ruined
California, so they are now bringing their filth to the PNW. How original. "Baby Killer?" How much longer until they break into the tried and true "Hey Hey! Ho Ho! (fill in the blank) has got to go!"

Kevin Dwyer, mealy-mouthed executive director of Bainbridge Island's Chamber of Commerce, is quoted in Seattle Post-Intelligencer writer Robert Jamieson's column making excuses for the crowd's outrageous behavior:

"I believe (Jason's) mom when she said her son was called 'a murderer.' But I'm sure it wasn't so much directed at the kid as it was the president. A soldier with a sign represents that."
Crap on a vet to send a message to the President? How educated. How refined. How bold. How Bainbridge.

Meanwhile, at the same parade, Jamieson reports that "people bearing pro-Kerry signs were cheered and applauded for, among other things, tooling around in an environmentally responsible car."

Wear your nation's uniform in armed conflict and get booed, whereas drive a hybrid, or bio-diesel and you get cheered. Such are the priorities of the self-congratulatory Left.


Anonymous said...

I witnessed that shameful performance. Ever since then, I make it a point to be somewhere else in the world on July 4.

August said...

That's too bad. What did these fools expect too see at an Independence Day Parade? I'll bet if you asked these insult hurlers if they thought the U.S. intervention of a genociadal dictator's plans in WWII was warranted they would say "yes." For some reason Iraqis do not deserve the same chance as Europeans. Probably becasue they are brown. These elitist losers are just racists and they don't even know it. Didn't Kerry vote "yes" for the very war that injured this soldier?

Eleua said...

Leftist (Bainbridge) hypocrisy can be quite fatiguing. It is amazing that people as well educated as your average Bainbridge adult can not see their actions for what they are.

I have always thought that Liberals from the older portion of the Boomer generation are just itching to relive their hippy/anti-war youth, as that was the only part of their life that had any meaning. Rolling around in the mud, bombed on LDS, and listening to the crappiest music that existend until RAP made its debut isn't much of a legacy.

I'm not in favor of the stated goals of the Iraq war, but I'm not going to crap on a vet to show it.

BTW, Arabs are Caucasians.

Eleua said...

bombed on LDS

I didn't mean to imply that hippies were bombed on Mormonism at Woodstock. I was referring to acid.

Anonymous said...

Eleua..Dude you are spot on...this is what is going on all over the country, and truth be told, in the better parts of the world also

Cheap, easy money engineered by Wall Street and specifically Lewis B. Ranieri (father of tranched MBS/CDO)they had figured out a way to exploit the greed and shortcut taking by most people in this country, in the wake of this lies the ruin of the 21st century economies.....BEAR